7 años



7 years, A mediated movie

7 year’s script shows a group of four friends who have made it economically in life.

Each of them has contributed in their own way to the rise of a successful company, and they now find themselves faced with a very difficult decision.

To face off this harsh conversation, they hire the help of a mediator (Manuel Moreno) who throughout the tension-fraught duration of the movie guarantees that dialog carries on.

It is the first Non-English-speaking film produced by worldwide heavyweight audio-visual network NETFLIX.

This Hispano-Colombian production directed by Roger Gual was released simultaneously in 190 countries on October 28th this year, for a potential audience of 86 millions of peoples.


As the newspaper ABC pointed out this film has had, no question, the best distribution in the history of Spanish cinema, and it deals with mediation. In fact it is a filmed mediation session.


Juana Acosta, Paco León, Juan Pablo Raba and Alex Brendemühl round out this great cast as they submit to mediation. But first, they impose a condition that directly attacks the oh so often questioned principle of neutrality. They offer the mediator an important contract, as long as the parties reach an agreement. ”We want him to have a personal interest in achieving this”.


Thus, we plunge into the job of moving from positions to interests taking Ury’s orange by the hand and lead by the impeccable craftsmanship of the script (huge film debut for José Cabeza) with corruption right at the heart of it all. The kind of corruption that touches us, civilians, we who often want to hide behind the omnipresent corruption of officials and politicians.

Roger Gual conducts the moral dilemma of friends and partners ruthlessly and at the same time, with deep affection and mastery. The music remains almost hidden until the final scene in which Federico Jusid shows once more his talent and hard-won skill as an experienced composer.

No detail is too small in this minimalist tape, nor is anything casual, so second and third viewings become mandatory.


The actors are directed with care and have formed a solid theater troupe. Juana Acosta breaks down and washes her face to reach down in search of an agreed-upon solution. Meanwhile, Paco León bears the responsibility for a monumental catharsis. They are joined by Alex Brendemühl and Juan Pablo Raba, who both seem to have had the time of their lives in the making of this film, sparse in resources and yet of enormous dramatic weight.


Manuel Morón, the mediator, deserves particular mention. He has opened up to us about knowing little of our profession when he was first offered the role. He devoted a great deal of time to studying videos of mediations uploaded online, and he took his concerns and specific questions to an accredited mediator, who provided him with a familiar contact. Brilliant work!


At the elegant premiere at Cine Capitol in Madrid the mediator was certainly the most applauded. The audience seemed to relate intensely to this master amongst actors whom we have the privilege of seeing on the screen much less than we would want and what his tremendous talent deserves.

A film to watch, to question a lot — Does a mediator fulfill his job when he lets the parties accumulate garbage in the mediation room by claiming that it is “their” garbage? Is it possible to trust a “neutral” mediator? Does the teaching practice of an “informative session”, registered under Spanish law for both civil and commercial mediation, make sense?

7 years is an excellent film, both a step forward and a Copernican turn in the distribution of European productions worldwide. And it is a film about mediation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, until your ratings arrive, this one gets a twenty out of twenty.


7 años, una película mediada

Emilio Navas

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Equipo de Kiosko

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